​Epigenetic Hair Follicle Scan and Wellness Report with the S Drive Technology

​Just 4 strands of your hair can help you unlock your epigenetic information!

Have you been looking for a personalized view of your health, incorporating the many potential influences you may encounter day-to-day? We live in a time with many impacts on our wellness, and standard labs don't have the ability to discern where many of these challenges lie.

Thankfully, with the S Drive technology, we are now able see the many nutritional and lifestyle influences that are unique for you.

​What do we find in the S Drive reports?

​Your epigenetic information is revealed in the S Drive reports. With only 4 hair follicles, we are able look at the impacts and needs of the following.

Next, your personalized report is created, showing you which foods are the best sources for the nutrients your body is calling for to help you overcome the challenges that are revealed. Click on any of the listed reports to see a sample plan:

With the S Drive technology, we are able to see the influences of the last few months on your health, and deliver an easy-to-understand and use report, giving you a road map of how to proceed!

And if you are unable to meet in person for your scan, no problem! As long as you live in the US, we are able to use a mail-in option, and meet for a follow-up consultation over the phone to consult on your findings. Here is a short video showing how this works:

As you see above, we can also support babies and children with the S Drive technology, a fantastic way to gain insight into what their growing bodies are calling for. Here is a short video on doing a home-collection for babies and children up to 12 years

Yes, we can support your pet’s epigenetic health, too!

For many of us, our dogs and cats are our family—and with the S Drive, we have a powerful tool to discover their nutritional support to overcome their wellness challenges. Here is a short video on how to do a home collection sample for cats and dogs:

​Options available to you...



If you're local and would like to take advantage of coming to our office for the scan, this is definitely the option for you!

PDF report delivered to your inbox

Personalized recording of your report of findings and suggestions

(except NY)


Outside of the Flagstaff area?

No Problem!

We can still do your scan!

PDF report delivered to your inbox

Personalized recording of your report of findings and suggestions

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