Have you struggled with what to do to reach your ideal, healthy weight?

Are you looking for a personalized approach to what supports and challenges your body?

Are you ready to take ownership of your food and lifestyle choices, so you can live with greater vitality?

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a roadmap that is based on YOUR body, not a cookie-cutter approach?

With an epigenetic hair follicle scan, you can now have that personalized guidance!

Using just 4 strands of hair, you will have a detailed report of needs and stressors relative to your health and weight optimization.

Your report also includes a 60-minute phone consultation with Dr. Sarica on how to best implement the structure around your meals and report findings!

Scans can be repeated every 3 months, to guide you as you meet your health and wellness goals.

Consultations between scans can be arranged with Dr. Sarica.

Weight & Shape Report From Cell Wellbeing - Epigenetic Hair Analysis Supported Weight Loss


How Epigenetic Hair Analysis Testing Informs the New Weight & Shape Report from Cell Wellbeing

Hair can serve as a biomarker in various contexts due to its ability to provide valuable information about an individual's health & exposures. Hair growth occurs over a period of time, allowing it to potentially capture a historical record of exposures & physiological changes.

As it grows, human hair incorporates compounds that have circulated in the body. Hair analysis can offer indications of an individual's nutritional status by measuring mineral & nutrient levels incorporated into the hair during growth.

Cell Wellbeing epigenetic hair follicle analysis is a new type of hair test that was developed in Germany to assess & address environmental exposures that cause epigenome changes and contribute to nutritional & hormonal imbalances. Cell Wellbeing’s proprietary S-Drive technology relies on hair & bulb resonance information, combined with remote computer calculations, to reveal challenges that the underlying systems of the body have been experiencing over time.

The S-Drive provides a personalized, real-time overview of underlying metabolic conditions which determine wellness & wellbeing. It offers a snapshot of one’s nutritional profile, including levels of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids & antioxidants. A CWB hair scan also highlights environmental influences such as viruses, parasites, toxins & EMF exposure that could be negatively affecting your cellular, immune & metabolic health.

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