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Are You Interested in Natural Medicine for Your Best Health?

You are in the right place to help create and sustain vibrant health through dietary choices and tasty recipes, as well as the use of natural medicinal therapies and tools, and healthy home and body care.


Support your health with in-person visits, as well as online/phone consultations for out-of-state wellness support.


Tools to help you on your journey, from beginning to advanced.


Highest-quality wellness tools and equipment for taking care at home.

There are so many ways you can step into a little extra care of yourself and your loved ones--and I share the best with you!

Therapeutic-grade essential oils
Mindfulness practices
Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
LED light therapy
Healthy and balanced exercise
Fermentation and kitchen methods of predigestion
Toxicant-free products for home and body
Weight optimization with nutrition modification
Potent supplementation and herbal medicine
Organic and
Non-GMO foods

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