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“The Secrets of the Funky Kitchen–How to Prepare Wholesome, Traditional Foods in 30 Minutes or Less a Day,”

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If you would like to join me for my free webinar, “The Secrets of the Funky Kitchen–How to Prepare Wholesome, Traditional Foods in 30 Minutes or Less a Day,” you can do so here.  In it, I will share some of my favorite techniques for keeping us eating very healthfully, while still having plenty of time for everything else life has to offer!  I will also offer some special bonuses related to my online course, “Fresh, Fun and Flavorful in the Funky Kitchen” that you won’t find anywhere else.  Feel free to share this link with your friends and I look forward to “seeing” you there!

These methods are powerful allies in your wellness.  But don’t take my word for it–here are some sentiments from one of our past Funky Kitchen Fresh class members:

“I wasn’t looking for a new way of eating, but I was looking for a way to reduce my thyroid antibodies so I could put my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis into remission. I had learned that by eliminating the particular foods my body was sensitive to, and by making some food substitutions, I could calm my immune system down, convince it to back off and leave my thyroid alone. But Sarica’s class took my understanding of working with food as a way to achieve better health to a whole new level. To be honest, I never intended to follow through on most of the “traditional food preparation methods” Sarica encouraged. They just sounded too complicated, and too, well, out there. Hocus Pocus. Why would I want to make my own yogurt when I could buy it? Why did I need to sprout anything? What was water kefir anyway, and how important could it be if no one else on the planet had ever heard of it? I shopped at Whole Foods, wasn’t that enough? But there was no harm in educating myself about these methods, and as a foodie I am always up for learning new things about food, so I decided to enroll. It wasn’t a big commitment: one live audio lecture a week with notes, and I could listen to it in on my own schedule. Easy enough.

Only seven weeks later, it surprises me to say that I now have a quart of water kefir always brewing in my house. I soak, ferment (yes, using that water kefir) and dehydrate nuts before I eat them, and once or twice a week I prepare a crockpot full of organic bone broth which I serve to my husband and two children as often as I can (though I insist on calling it chicken broth or beef broth, because bone broth just sounds gross). I buy sprouted chickpeas at the farmer’s market (though it’s only a matter of time before I try sprouting my own – because now I want them fermented first), and intend on attempting to ferment other veggies in the future. How did Sarica convert me? She explained the science behind how and why these processes influence what happens inside our bodies and improve our health. Sarica gets into the science of it. Why make bone broth? Because it seals leaky gut, and anyone with an autoimmune condition likely needs some gut-sealer (plus, broth also strengthens bones and joints, among other wonders). Why bother soaking and fermenting nuts before devouring them (especially since it’s so easy not to)? Because in their “unsoaked” form all nuts contain phytic acid and lectins – both of which lead to nutrient deficiencies and inflammation…yet those little water kefir crystals eat up (predigest) all of that bad stuff for us, leaving behind only the good nut-stuff. Why ferment veggies? Because one or two tablespoons of sauerkraut contains more probiotics than any capsule can hold, and is, by the way, more affordable. So Sarica has created a believer out of me, in only seven weeks. No hocus pocus. Just science, health, and nutrition.  

Since I began changing my diet (avoiding my own food triggers, eating bone broth, eliminating GMOs, and integrating Sarica’s food preparation methods using her tips and tricks), my thyroid antibodies have come down by half. I find that very encouraging. Much more encouraging than sitting by while my thyroid gets destroyed and I continue to do what I’ve always done, expecting different results. I also understand now that this way of eating is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. These are practices that will become the way I prepare food in my kitchen for myself and my family for the long haul, because my goal is to reduce not only my own inflammation, but the unseen inflammation in my children’s bodies and in my husband’s body so that they all are less likely to develop diseases brought on by constant internal inflammation. I can honestly say that there is literally NO WAY I would have done any of these things (bone broth, soaking, fermenting, sprouting, dehydrating) had I not been in Sarica’s class, but I can say, honestly, that I am so grateful that I did, for my own health, and the health of my family, today and in the future.

 P.S. Those little water kefir crystals have grown on me, and now I have a soft spot in my heart for them. When I first received them in the mail I felt panicked, like I had this chia pet I had to keep alive. Could I still go on vacation? Who would feed my water kefir crystals?! Now just looking at those little guys makes me happy. They are so kind to predigest all that food for us!”

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