To learn more about the research and findings of Dr. Weston A. Price, as well as locating a chapter in your area, visit The Weston A. Price Foundation site

To locate a Natural Foods’ Store or Source near you, 

To locate a Natural Foods’ Cooperative in your area, Coop Directory

For an excellent selection of pastured and humanely-raised animal products, from muscle cuts, to nutritious prepared meats, to tallow and organ meats, as well as various raw, grass-fed cheeses, visit US Wellness Meats

For all things wonderfully coconut, visit Tropical Traditions, where you’ll also have access to the Grass Fed Traditions site, full of soy-free eggs, pastured meats and grass-fed dairy–Just search under “Organic Food” for a huge selection of all-natural, nutritious finds

My favorite new line for anti-microbial, EFFECTIVE cleaning…only using water!  Norwex is an amazing line of super microfiber cleaning cloths woven with silver, creating a no-fuss, no-muss means of keeping you home clean with only good ol’ H2O!  And if you need detergents for doing dishes or laundry, their line is free of fillers and is as environmentally-sound as you will find.  I’m in love!

For more powerful, non-toxic cleaning, visit KD Gold…and get ready to clean your car, greasy concrete, your baby, your pets, your dishes, your teeth, your appliances, your hair and body, your windows…and it kills lice and makes fleas flee of your pets!

Kelly the Kitchen Kop does a tremendous job of taking the guesswork out of eating real food–from meal planning, party planning, label reading and the support needed to get  you through it all, her teachings are a benefit to anyone looking to shift to a real-food diet

If you live in the western United States and are looking for a cooperative, check out Azure Standard

Here is an excellent whole-food dietary guide from the Weston A. Price Foundation

To make your own yogurt, kefir, sour cream and other cultured foods, visit Cultures for Health

This is an excellent resource on making your own kombucha beverages, including lessons, kombucha starters and equipment–for an overview, check out Kombucha Kamp DIY 

Power Systems has an incredible selection of home exercise equipment that is very reasonably-priced, but is made to professional standards. From balance balls to kettle balls, stretching charts to exercise charts, resistance bands to yoga equipment, if you can’t find it here, you might not find it anywhere! 

Shopping Gaiam is such a joy! From organic housewares — towels to sheets to clotheslines — yoga and Pilates’ gear, meditation tools, all-natural cleaning products, bamboo clothing, fair-trade jewelry, solar-powered and renewable items…it is a great source for creating a healthy home and healthy life!

For a wonderful selection of raw foods and superfoods, delivered to your door, visit Sunfood

Another favorite is DNA Skin Care , the DNA line is the most effective skin care I have ever used. They offer different formulations as a mix-and-match approach to such issues as acne, aging skin, scarring, photo damage, wrinkling and rosacea. Their products are only sold through licensed practitioners—if you are interested in learning more about these potent products, contact me so we can design a regimen that is right for you.

A favorite with our family and my patients is Dr. Hana’s Nasopure System to keep the sinuses clean and working well. Its design is different than a Neti Pot–it is meant to be used by holding the head upright so that the flushing goes up one nostril, and out the other, without the tilting needed for use in a Neti Pot. This upright mechanism keeps the nostrils clear without taking debris from the nostrils and lower sinuses and flushing it into the deeper sinuses, as occurs with a Neti Pot. Therefore, it cleans without the risk of creating infection deeper in the sinuses. And, they have a sea salt and baking soda buffered solution for effective, comfortable rinsing. Their website has videos, educational articles and instructions on how to use the system. Enter NLT in the promotion code box at checkout for 10% off every order.

Another great product to protect you when traveling, or when the air quality is somehow compromised is the MyAir.  This lightweight, comfortable, fashionable mask filters over 99% of airborne pathogens, and helps to create a moist, protected environment if you have caught a cold or flu–no more tickly throats!  A great help for those that snore, too.  And it’s manufactured completely in America!

Love the idea of making water or milk kefir at home, but don’t love the potential mess?  Then you’ll love Kefirko–this innovative new product from Europe will allow you culture and strain your kefir with no additional tools–easy peazy!!