Radiant Skin with LED Lights

Therapeutic, clinically-vetted LED lights are not only good for pain and inflammation (I’ve shared on them related to recovery from brain injuries), they are also INCREDIBLY helpful in the care of the skin.  From acne to scar repair, from wrinkles to collagen production and support of sun-damaged skin, LED lights are a safe, effective, non-invasive therapy for incredibly healthy skin.  But don’t take my word for it–let’s look at a few of the studies!

The light system I work with has 3 wave lengths represented–blue to the upper epidermis, red to the deeper dermis, and near infrared to the subcutaneous layer.

Sun Damage, Wrinkles and LED–Light to Repair Light Damage!

It’s rare to meet someone who hasn’t experienced a significant sunburn at sometime in their lives–sun damage to the skin is a very present and real scenario.  I am the first to extol the virtues of getting safe exposure to the sun for all the health benefits (and so is my compadre in health, Dr. Jack Tips), but too much of anything is just TOO much–sun exposure included.  Wrinkles from the degradation of subcutaneous collagen structures with this excessive exposure have been shown to respond very well to the use of red LED lights and near infrared spectral light.  In one study, 22 subjects received this therapy twice a week for 4 weeks–and at the end of the treatment period, there was a 74% report of reduction in wrinkles maintained at the 8-week mark after therapy!  The results were both immediate and long-lasting from this comfortable, safe procedure.

In another study, 31 subjects reported similar results related to resolution of wrinkles, both in the short-term and beyond the treatment period of 9 sessions.  At the end of the treatment cycle, 81% of subjects reported significant improvement in the wrinkles around the eyes, an especially delicate area because of the thinner skin and the influence of facial movement.

Near infrared and red LED lights in the acrylic frame, making treatment of the face and neck comfortable and easy.

Tighten and Tone the Neck Skin with LEDs

One place where people notice significant signs related to aging is the neck–and the therapeutic LEDs and near infrared have shown great benefit in the healthy support of these tissues.  It is thought that because of an increasing in nitric oxide release in the areas treated, as well as enhanced flow through the lymphatics and increased cellular metabolism, circulation to the areas treated with the lights is enhanced.  Here are photos of a practitioner who used the the lights at her throat, over a series of 6 weeks of treatment:

Acne and LEDs–Using Light to Heal from Infection in the Skin

The use of blue LED light therapy has been shown to have very positive impact on the presentation of acne.  In one study of 21 participants over an 8-week period of daily, self-administered treatment,  the rate of expression of acne lesions, as well as blackheads, whiteheads and other acne presentations were significantly reduced as early as 7 days into treatment, and continued to improve throughout the study period.  Participants found the treatment easy to administer and effective.  How wonderful is that??

Lights for Every Home!

Isn’t it amazing the effects of these simple, safe and potent treatments?  As you might have noticed, the studies show participants using the lights somewhat regularly.  Given that LED cosmetic light treatments with a practitioner generally begin in the $100/session range, the financial advantages of having your own unit are quickly realized–as well as the fact that the unit can be used for pains, injuries or other wellness concerns.  If you’d like to learn more about the FDA-cleared units I share with patients, feel free to send me an email so we can discern the right configuration for your needs.





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