Working with Sarica

Wondering if Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine are right for your needs?

“My sessions with Sarica for menopausal symptoms have helped tremendously.  I can proudly say it’s nice to be able to go through menopause naturally.”   Susan H., Peoria, AZ

“Sarica is a delight. She has a healing, calming personality as well as the ability to heal with acupuncture. I was amazed that after 2 treatments, the severe pain in my lower back was completely gone.”  Lois L., Peoria, AZ

“Sarica is exceptional in every way. She treats our whole family and her gentle acupuncture sessions help relax, heal and balance us in many ways.  Her skill, knowledge and healing insights in acupuncture, foods, nutrition, and more are beyond anyone else we have encountered.  Anyone who has the pleasure to know and be treated by Sarica can consider themselves to be very fortunate.”   Dr. Michael Kessler, D.C., C.C.S.P. and Dr. Sondra Becchetti, D.C., Buckeye, AZ

“Sarica is truly one of the most amazing and gifted acupuncturists that I have ever met. She has literally been a life saver with her multiple healing techniques and her knowledge of Chinese medicine. Her treatments are relaxing and healing and I feel so much improvement with every session.”  V. Werner, St. George, UT

“Sarica is truly amazing. I was SO sick for months and was really miserable. After just two visits with Sarica, I finally got rid of a nagging cough, exhaustion and a weakened immune system. She is extremely knowledgeable, gentle and a talented acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. I highly recommend her and wish she lived in my town full-time!”  Sara D., Santa Barbara, CA

“Sarica, your treatments were the best I have ever had.  The calming of my entire body was amazing.  The acupuncture relieved the pain in my lower back and neck plus allowing my entire body to relax like I had never had before.  You are the best in your field for sure.”  Carol H., Payson, AZ

“The Japanese Style Acupuncture has been instrumental in reteaching my body to channel its energy flow, so as to stabilize a wellness of  health for both body and mind . Sarica’s knowledge of traditional foods and holistic health care  have been a  fountain of information that has helped me to continually  nourish both physical and mental well-being.”  Sharon V., Peoria, AZ

“I have had about 3 acupuncture sessions with Sarica, and I should note that I travel an hour to see her each time.  It’s the highlight of my month when I do get to see her, because I know I will leave not only with physical relief, but also nutritional wisdom and some things to think about for next time.  Sessions with Sarica seem to be an overall holistic health and healing approach.  She spends soooo much time with me, assessing history, future goals, and deducing what may be at the root of my imbalance or discomfort.  I initially started seeing Sarica for relief with post-partum anxiety and depression.  She has helped me feel a greater ease with that, and we quickly moved on to working on some structural/physical pain that I endured through my pregnancies such as bulging disc, pinched nerve, and hip mal-alignment issues.  I don’t know what she does in that magical room of hers, but in this most recent (3rd session) my body felt like it was touched by the hands of an angel.  I left feeling transcended, relaxed, and ready for the tough weeks ahead of me.  I also seek regular massage therapy and while that is helpful for my pain and anxiety, it only lasts about 2 days and then I find myself right back to where I was.  With Sarica, I have much longer lasting results.”  Shelly V., Scottsdale, AZ

“Sarica’s nutrition / supplement guidance has put our family’s health on a positive path. Her professional, non-pushy approach is a bonus. Sarica never suggests anything she wouldn’t feel comfortable doing with her own family. My daughter’s cold laser acupuncture sessions with Sarica leave her relaxed and and in great spirit.” Teresa H., Peoria, AZ

“Sarica is a real lifesaver for me.  After struggling for over a year with lower back pain, and several visits to doctors, physical therapy, chiropractor, I was just about to have back surgery, when a friend referred me to Sarica–and with 3 sessions with her, the pain was gone and pretty much my whole life was back to normal.  She revised my diet, recommended some supplements and with her acupuncture she pretty much saved me from surgery and perhaps disability.  Thanks a million!”  Juan D., Glendale, AZ

“I was referred to Sarica by family members at a time when I was terribly sick with allergies and a horrible lung infection. Sarica literally saved me with regular acupuncture sessions and  supplements specific to the areas I was having problems. Sarica brought me back to health and I always visit her with anything that may pop up. She truly is my health guru!   Sarica, you literally saved my life…on numerous occasions!” Melissa R., Scottsdale, AZ

“I began seeing Sarica several years ago. At first it was only for acupuncture. Sarica treats each individual with so much care, respect, and understanding. I so enjoyed acupuncture sessions with her. The results are amazing. I soon turned to her for more healthy eating and nutrition tips. Sarica is my go to person when it comes to nutrition and health. She is always willing to answer my questions and concerns, and even more willing to help. Sarica’s knowledge of how the human system works with nutrients is astounding. She is living her passion and making a huge difference  Jill G., El Mirage, AZ


Nutrition and Lifestyle Intake Forms for Acupuncture and Herbal Consultation


Diagnostics Possibly Used in Patient Evaluation

  • Assessment of Tongue, Pulse and Abdomen using Traditional Chinese Medicine theory
  • HeartQuest Heart Rate Variability Monitor
  • Computerized Evaluation of blood work, showing nutritional concerns
  • Meta-Oxy Urinalysis of Cellular Oxidation–quick and easy test that measures malondialdehyde in the urine. Toxic adlehydes are released into the bloodstream when fats, including cell membranes, are oxidized. The kidneys excrete them in the urine. The Meta-Oxy test is a general measure of cell membrane damage due to free radical peroxidation of lipids.
  • Urinalysis of basic Liver and Kidney function, including pH
  • Urinalysis of Gut Dysbiosis
  • Visual Contrast Sensitivity Test for Neurological Toxicity
  • Lab work as needed (Thyroid function and antibodies, CBC, Adrenal Function, Food Sensitivities, Heavy Metals)

Interested in improving your diet to improve your life?

“Sarica’s book is everything I needed in a cookbook but didn’t know I was missing.  I own many cookbooks, but never even open them.  The Funky Kitchen is concise, well organized, and has helpful illustrations.  I especially appreciate how the chapters first explain WHY we do this, why I should take the time to properly prepare these food.  I get so overwhelmed with other cookbooks on traditional foods, but The Funky Kitchen allows me to master just one piece at a time…First bone broth, then cultured yogurts, next – properly preparing grains.  YES, I CAN really do this, and it’s not that hard. Thanks Sarica, and my family thanks you too, for now we are all eating healthier, one chapter at a time!”   Shelly V., Scottsdale, AZ

“Everyone should look at the basic techniques of food preparation; there are important nutritional values in the foods we eat. After meeting Sarica, I realized that many of these so-called “healthy foods” that we eat have been altered for convenience, causing them to become less healthy and some even contribute to the cause of one’s bad health. My family has found that by including bone broth in our diet, our immune systems can more easily help keep us healthy. Bone broth, when made as shown in Sarica’s Book, The Funky Kitchen, is both nourishing and delicious.”  Sharon V., Peoria, AZ

“Sarica has been instrumental in helping me learn how to live a healthier lifestyle through nutrition.  Her endless support and willingness to share her gifts has made a huge impact to both me and my family!!”  Caron C., Peoria, AZ

“I have learned so much about my health  and the health of my family from Sarica and her book The Funky Kitchen.   It has given me examples and recipes that have helped me make some very positive changes in my household.”  Kris D., Peoria, AZ

“I love Sarica’s book, The Funky Kitchen, so much that I  bought a copy for each member of my family. It has opened my eyes to more healing foods than I ever thought possible. The recipes are easy to follow, taste amazing and really heal us at our core. Sarica has done incredible research on traditional food techniques and teaches in really easily understandable ways how to bring true health back to the table in delicious and nutritious ways.  If you want to change your family’s life for the better, start by attending Sarica’s classes. You’ll be glad that you did.”   V. Werner, St. George, UT

“Sarica’s book, The Funky Kitchen, takes us back to the basics of human health — the foods that heal and rejuvenate health, the traditional foods that are missing from the modern table.  Following her advice and recipes will add years of good health!”   Dr. Jack Tips, Austin, TX

“Since starting my weekly sessions with Sarica two months ago, I have never eaten healthier foods in my life. Her simple approach combined with computer analysis has allowed me to see the damage I have been doing to my body.  The transition to a healthier lifestyle has been relatively painless and well worth the effort.”   Jerry M., AZ and Canada

“It’s a blessing to know Sarica. I have experienced amazing healing. Her wisdom and knowledge about wholesome and nutritious foods have enriched my life forever.” Carla B., Peoria, AZ

“I am fairly new to all forms of alternative medicine and first came to Sarica for acupuncture as mainstream methods were not working for me. Not only did Sarica’s skill with her needles (and no pain!) solve my problem areas, her enthusiasm for and knowledge of healthful eating opened my eyes in many ways. I fall off the healthy eating wagon often but now have the tools from Sarica that get me back on the wagon quickly. She is very down-to-earth and explains things in an easily understandable manner. Only disappointment is that I didn’t meet her 20 years ago!” Debra M., Nipomo, CA

“Sarica has been teaching about the benefits of bone broth and the traditions of fermentation and culturing foods for quite some time and even trains alternative practitioners at Systemic Formulas in Ogden, Utah on these methods. Since she has already done all the research and practices these techniques in her own kitchen…she has taken her experiences and made them simple for us in her new book, The Funky Kitchen. She truly does make it simple and takes all the confusion out of making all kinds of foods in the old fashioned, traditional ways…with easy steps on how to do fermentation, culturing…as well as making yummy bone broth.  I refer all my clients to her website, where they find valuable information on living naturally!!!” Debbie B., Quantum Health Consulting, Peoria, AZ

Various Offerings:

  • Initial Acupuncture and Moxibustion Session, including questioning and assessment, Heart Quest monitoring and other diagnostics and evaluations (2 hours total)
  • Follow-up Acupuncture and Moxibustion Session (1-1.25 hours)
  • Metabolic Balance Weight Optimization and Nutrition Plan (Detailed, personalized lab analysis with follow-up coaching sessions to optimize one’s metabolism)
  • Kitchen Time, learning techniques as laid out in The Funky Kitchen
  • Food sensitivity testing and hair tissue mineral analysis
  • Heart Quest monitoring session with lifestyle and nutritional suggestions (45 minutes)
  • Offsite teaching on traditional food preparation techniques and personalized wellness coaching programs available–please contact to discuss the particulars of your needs

“Sarica’s casual, engaging, warm, personable manner makes her a delightful speaker who drives home the natural health principles with an innate grace and clarity that moves you to take action to improve health via the priceless information in her book, The Funky Kitchen.”  Dr. Jack Tips, Austin, TX



My availability will be Tuesday through Thursday mornings, and some afternoons and Friday mornings by appointment.  Lab work and supplements are an additional fee.  To schedule an appointment, call 928-856-0660 or email  Revised 01/16/2015