Chicken and Chevre Salad with Walnuts and Raisins

Chicken and Chevre come together in this wonderful entree-style salad. The tart saltiness of goat’s chevre is a great balance to the natural sweetness of raisins. And topped with grilled chicken and walnut halves, it is chock-full of protein and minerals. 

Serves 2 

• 3 cups mixed Salad Greens

• 1 cup Micro-Greens or Onion Sprouts

• 1 Red or Orange Bell Pepper, chopped finely

• ¼ cup Purple Onion, finely chopped

• 1/3 cup raw Walnut halves, chopped

• ¼ cup Unsulfured Raisins

• 4-6 oz. grilled Chicken Breast, chopped and divided

• 1/3 cup Chevre

• Juice of 2 Limes or Lemons

• 3-4 T Extra Virgin Olive Oil

• Sea Salt and Black Pepper to taste 

All ingredients will be divided between 2 pasta bowls. Begin first with the salad greens topped with the micro-greens or sprouts, then the bell pepper. Season lightly with sea salt. Next add the chicken, then the walnuts, followed by the chevre and the raisins. Sprinkle the purple onion over, add a little more sea salt and some black pepper, then drizzle over the lime juice and olive oil.