The Importance of Getting Outdoors for Personal and Family Life with Scott Moses


We wake up early in the morning to the sound of an alarm on our Smartphone. Immediately, we turn off the alarm, slide open our phone and begin to scroll through our friends Facebook posts, Instagram pictures, and check to see if we received any late night emails. Once we eventually do get out of bed, we might turn on the TV to listen to the news while we drink a quick cup of coffee.

Once at the office, we spend the majority of our time stuck in front of a small computer screen diligently doing whatever work we might do. During our lunch break, we mindlessly eat a sandwich while watching YouTube videos and chatting with friends via WhatsApp. After a long day at work, we head home where once again the TV turns on until we eventually fall asleep and start again anew the next day.

Our urban lives are almost completely subjected to a variety of tasks and pleasures that are dependent on technology. Apart from a weekend camping trip once a year, the majority of people in our industrial, consumer-driven society have almost no contact with the natural world.

In this short article, we will briefly look at the consequences of our dependence on technology, the benefits that come with reconnecting with the natural world, and offer a few tips on how we can once again find happiness and fulfillment through getting outdoors and enjoying the world around us.

The Consequences of Our Enslavement to Screens

If someone were to ask you the name of a certain type of bird that you saw sitting in a bush in front of your home, chances are that you would pick up your phone and ask Google to give you the answer. Over half of the human population now lives in cities and urban areas, and we derive our livelihoods from occupations and professions that have little direct contact with the world around us.

Because of this reality, the accumulated ecological knowledge and practical skills of livelihoods that were once tied to the land have all been but lost. A typical fourth grader can tell you the names of hundreds of fast food restaurants, cartoon characters, and sports figures, but most likely doesn´t know the names of the birds that sing in the trees, the trees that hold the birds, and the fruits that each tree offers for our sustenance.

Our increasingly technological lives that have separated us from the natural world have led us away from one of the deepest and most meaningful connections that we humans hold: to the earth that sustains us. The lack of direct contact with the world around us has led, in part, to some of the greatest crises we collectively face, from global warming to the loss of topsoil to the poisoning of our oceans.

On a more intimate level, the lack of interaction with the natural world coupled with our technology-driven lives has also furthered a sense of loneliness and depression that defines the lives of many people. Screen-filled lives foster a deep-seated sense of individualism which borders on isolation and lonesomeness and is also a cause of some of the most serious health issues that we now face including obesity, heart disease and the like.

Benefits of Reconnecting with Natural World

Reconnecting with Nature through getting outside and spending time in unstructured environments is one of the most therapeutic things we can do in today´s world for several reasons. Firstly, and perhaps most pragmatically, getting outside requires exercise and physical exertion. Whether we´re simply walking through the woods, or climbing trees, or paddling down a river, the physical exercise that comes with being outside in the natural world is something that is sorely needed in a society where children and adults routinely spend the majority of each day sitting in front of screens.

Secondly, reconnecting with the natural world opens the possibility of relating directly with other people. With the rise of social media, so many of us have lost any sort of meaningful and face-to- face contact with people around us. We live in virtual worlds where the relationships we foster are defined through “likes”, “tweets” and “shares.” Getting outdoors and spending time in the natural world forces us to communicate directly with the people we are with. Many parents have found that the best way to have deep and consequential conversations with their children is through going for a hike together and leaving the screens behind.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, spending time outside in the natural world allows us to find a deeper sense of belonging. Our modern, technological civilization forces us into shallow relationships with other people and with the places where we live. We are continually pressed to embrace mobility and self-interest in order to “get ahead” in life, and because of that most of us don´t have any sense of deep-seated belonging to something greater than ourselves.

Spending time in the natural world forces us to see beyond the hectic rat-race of upward mobility that defines our lives. Contemplating the peacefulness of a forest during a light rainstorm or the glittering fire flies illuminating the evening compels us to question how we fit into this great community of life and ultimately brings a greater sense of meaning to our lives.

Strategies to Get Outside

One of the most unfortunate aspects of our technology driven society is that it demands our full allegiance and time. To be connected to the technological society means that our lives are most likely full of deadlines, cutoff dates and other supposedly important commitments that we simply can´t get out of.

To make time to get outdoors and enjoy the benefits that come with reconnecting with the natural world, the first thing we need to do is to disconnect. Make it a priority to turn off the phone, TV, and other screens that dominate our lives at least one day a week in order to enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about getting that last email answered.

Another great way to help you and your family enjoy the natural world is through taking a vacation. By physically removing ourselves from the routines of our everyday, screen-filled lives, we allow ourselves to fully experience the wider world. To plan out an unforgettable family vacation to the Great Outdoors, check out Live Once Live Wild which has several complete guides on some of the most iconic national parks our country has to offer.

Amy’s Corner: Soaked and Sprouted Falafel


Garbanzos, dried: 1 C.
Onion, rough chop: 1 C.
Parsley, chopped: 3 Tbl.
Sea Salt: 1 tsp.
Garlic: 4 – 6 cloves
Curry Powder*: 1 tsp.
Baking Powder: 1 tsp.
Sprouted Bulgur**: ¼ – ½ C.


  1. Soak and sprout garbanzos. To sprout garbanzos:
    • Soak the beans in salted, non-chlorinated water for 8-10 hours in a large jar covered with a sprouting lid.
    • Drain the soaked beans well.
    • Once drained, allow the beans to sit inverted and at an angle at room temperature, being sure to rinse the beans at least twice a day.
    • Allow the beans to sit for 3-4 days until a small sprout emerges from the bean.
  2. Place the garbanzos and all other ingredients, save for the baking powder and bulgur,  into a food processor fitted with a blade attachment.
  3. Pulse until ingredients are combined, but not a smooth puree.
  4. Add the baking powder and bulgur to the processor and pulse to combine.
  5. Test to see if the mixture is correct by grabbing a small amount into your hand and rolling into a ball.  If it doesn’t stick to your hands, the mixture is correct.
  6. Transfer to a storage container and refrigerate until cold and firm.
  7. When ready to cook, begin by preheating a saute pan with approximately 1” of oil (coconut or ghee) or lard or tallow, over medium heat.
  8. Scoop small amounts of the falafel mixture (approximately 2 Tbl.) and roll into balls.
  9. Test the oil by placing a wooden spoon into it.  If bubbles immediately rise from the spoon, the oil is ready.
  10. Place a few falafel into the pan and cook, turning occasionally, until golden brown.
  11. Drain and repeat the process, allowing the oil to return to temperature between batches.


*Adjust the herbs and spices to your liking and experiment with different combinations.
**Bulgur may be replaced by a sprouted flour of your choosing.

Autoimmunity – A Reversible Process by WellnessWiz Jack Tips

Can the body reverse autoimmune “diseases”?

The Central Dogma. In 1958, Dr. Francis Crick, a molecular biologist renowned for helping develop the double helix model of DNA, established the “Central Dogma” as a catchphrase for newly affirmed rules of biology. The Central Dogma governs the behavior of DNA, RNA, and Protein Synthesis, and the permutations of how information physically moves among them. Modern Medicine has used this Central Dogma to justify their “No Known Cause, No Known Cure” litany, and erroneously fostered the belief that “Once an autoimmune disease gets started, there is no cure, but only suppression of the symptoms.” Here we’ll celebrate the death throes of that damning limitation and revel in the new scientific findings of Epigenetics.

Why is this important? Because ultimately, it governs how our cells express health or disease. It’s the functioning of Life at the cellular level.

Thus Dr. Crick established when RNA transcribes DNA and delivers the message for protein synthesis to the cells’ organelles for expression, that the message implemented is exact and irreversible. Genetic transcription is a one-way street. Thus DNA can be copied to DNA which is called “DNA replication.” DNA can be copied to messenger RNA (mRNA) which is called “transcription,” and proteins that facilitate cellular function can be organized according to the mRNA template which is called “translation.”

Quick Review – How Cells Work. Let’s take a brief refresher moment, then we’ll move forward in this discourse. In human beings, nuclear DNA never leaves the nucleus of the living cell. It must be copied in a process called “transcription” which is performed by an enzyme called “RNA polymerase.” The purpose of transcription is to build—like building a house—the exact proteins that operate cellular and life functions whose sequences are stored in the cell’s DNA.

The fact that amino acid (peptides) operate the human body means that proteins (protein means of the first quality) are the most important of the three basic nutrients (fat, protein, carbohydrate) – they serve our lives at the inner cellular level, followed by fats that serve the cell membranes, and then carbohydrates that serve energy, healing, and cellular communications. This is is why Doc Wheelwright’s dietary research presented in the book, The Pro-Vita! Plan for Optimal Nutrition focuses on how to get optimal cellular protein nutrition for optimal health expression.

The RNA polymerase binds to a DNA strand at a specific sequence of the gene called a “promoter.” It unwinds and unlinks the two DNA strands and uses one of the strands as a template. It then matches new nucleotides (structural units—like bricks—of DNA with RNA) with their complements on the DNA strand (G with C, A with U.) Note: remember from school that RNA has a U (Uracil) instead of a T (Thymine).

Then the new RNA nucleotides bind together to form a complimentary copy of the DNA. This is called mRNA. This duplication process stops when it encounters a termination sequence called a “stop codon.” The single strand mRNA may have extra sequences that don’t code for protein synthesis called introns. Thus the mRNA is further processed to cut introns out, add a nucleotide “cap” to one end of the strand, and add 1-200 adenine (A) nucleotides to the “tail” end.

The mRNA transcribed from DNA is the first step of “gene expression.” Now the duplicated gene information is carried out of the nucleus through nuclear pores by tRNA (the messenger service) to the cellular organelles called “ribosomes” in the endoplasmic reticulum. Here the mRNA blueprint is implemented into the proteins that operate the myriad cellular functions.

Nine Possible Pathways Genes Turn Into Cellular Metabolic Processes. This Central Dogma process
is established to be irreversible—it’s faithful to impeccable accuracy, deterministic, and dependent upon
the original DNA sequence. Thus there are nine permutations of this foundational cellular life process.
The General Transfers occur most of the time in most cells. The Special Transfers occur only in special
circumstances such as viral replications and “retro transcriptions” as with the AIDS virus. The Unknown
Transfers are hypothetical and were not known to occur at that time.

The Unknown category accommodated what science would discover over the next 50 years: enzyme interference in the transfer, methylation silencing of chromosomes, inteins where a protein sequence detaches and reforms altering the sequence, and prions that change the behavior of proteins but don’t change the structure, so prions still fall within the Protein → Protein dogma.

This understanding established the excathedric absolute sanctity of the human genome, “What the DNA says, the body
must express. No exceptions!”

After 13 years of intensive computer work in the USA, UK, France, Germany, Japan, and China; in 2003 scientists mapped out the entire human genome–as much as possible. Expectations were high because with successful mapping,
researchers hoped to find methods to destroy disease chromosomes. They especially hoped that drugs could be
developed that impact the genome for suppression of diseases. For example, researchers found the chromosome that causes plaque in the arteries. Limited thinking of today’s “understanding” surmised that if there were a way to shut down that chromosome, then a person could continue to eat the Standard American Diet (SAD) of processed food and chemicals and not have to pay the price of arterial disease. There is a way to shut down that disease gene, but Nature is set up for that communication to occur from plants and herbs, not drugs.

Epigenetics. Long, long ago is when our genetic code and the “epigenetic1” implementation of that code formed the foundation of health. The human genome contains massive information—so much that it took the world’s most powerful computers to map it out. Yet, that scientific milestone was met with disappointment because: 1) the
code was more basic and simple than expected (human DNA is virtually identical to that of a fruit fly, mouse, and
other species), 2) it simply discovered that all our health and all our diseases are built into that code, and 3) the
level of health we have, or don’t have, occurs according to what information we express from that code. So the key to life, to having health, is in how our bodies choose to express different facets of our genetic code and leave other facets unexpressed.

Thus the ultimate disappointment in mapping the human genome for skeptical scientists was that it pointed to the existence of the body’s innate intelligence— the ability of our cell membranes to think and make decisions—as opposed to the body being solely a mechanical machine governed by a mechanical brain (e.g. the dogma upon which the practice of allopathic medicine is founded.) Now, “disappointments” must give way and embrace the powerful, uplifting message of epigenetic ability to express health instead of disease. The light of truth keeps leaking through despite Science’s disregard of natural law. The revelation is that, genetically speaking, foods and herbs are premier healing agents, and the holistic model of human health is made manifest. Let’s look at those disappointments briefly, because out of their tenets, we can gain both knowledge and wisdom.

Genome Disappointment #1: Our Sacred Human DNA, while profound, is basically simple and similar to many other species’ DNA. The human genome is simpler than expected. It’s not the massive, arcane, complex tome that an ego-driven, complex species expected. It did not reveal why humans are the dominant “chosen” species. It did not reveal the answer to eliminating all diseases. It did reveal that the cause of disease must be found outside the DNA in the epigenetic expression of DNA.

For an analogy, let’s hold up the world’s great religious scriptures. Many religions claim that their holy book has the sum total of all the information that’s needed to live rightly and fulfill one’s mission in life. So, according to religions, all the information that God imparts to humankind is contained in a few hundred ancient pages. This is similar to DNA being the “Book of Life” containing all the information about life and survival in one concentrated package. The information is all there—condensed, rich, meaningful, and simple.

Then, it’s up to the individual and clergies to: 1) read the scripture, 2) interpret what it means, and 3) implement its lessons. From all the varied interpretations of the same scriptural writings, the various sects, cults, dogmas, and conflicts emerge as different understandings revolve and evolve according to needs of the times. Today’s religious practices are not what they were 1000 years ago.

So our analogy here is that our DNA is the body’s “good book of all life knowledge,” but that book must be read, understood, and implemented. Like the religious interpretation of holy scriptures that adapt to the times, human epigenetics responds and evolves according to dietary, environmental, and cultural factors.

1 Epigenetics – heritable and acquired changes in gene expression that occur by mechanisms other than changes in the DNA sequence. This means that our bodies are malleable and can adapt and change much, much faster than waiting for genetic mutations to occur.

Genome Disappointment #2. Inability to control genome (not epigenomic) expression of DNA.
Now one might wonder, why would our DNA contain the genes for disease? Is this some kind of mistake? Science thinks that if we could just excise those genes, or kill them with drugs, there would be no more disease, right?

Not right! The human genetic code contains disease expressions because they are the perfect response to the input received. The body’s primary directive is “adapt and “survive.” So according to that prime directive, the body can elicit and allow diseases because they are the best that the body can do under the circumstances. A woman or man with multiple sclerosis can reproduce and ensure the survival of the species—thus fulfill the prime directive. Their offspring will not have the disease, despite the common myth that if your parents had cancer then you will eventually get cancer. Basically, blaming our genes for our diseases is simply “killing the messenger.” Yet this is the interpretation of Central Dogma that medicine has been preaching to the public for over 50 years.

So the question being begged is, “What must we do so that our bodies never settle for, or elicit, disease-causing gene expressions?” This is the lesson of Pandora’s Box. Today, diseases and pestilences are inflicted upon humanity by human ignorance of Natural Law. Call it scientific hubris if you like. The “genome disappointments” are simply Nature telling Science that it must not forget the Laws Of Nature in the quest to understand health, and a plea to first become grounded in the Natural Laws of Life and Health, before applying knowledge toward the monied interests of Big Pharma.

Further, what Science overlooked was that herbs such as curcumin and boswellia facilitate enzymes at the epigenetic level that promote healthy methylation of DNA in that they can directly turn off cancer cells2. Thus, again, it’s herbs that are Nature’s “medicines” that can arrest disease processes. It’s herbs that impart the directives to place “gene silencing” methyl molecules on the genes that allow disease.

Natural VS Synthetic Orders. Humanity is engaged in self-destruction when it seeks dictatorial suppression of disease symptoms with toxic drugs (medications that require a Drug Enforcement Administration license) that inevitably cause further disturbances to the body’s Innate Intelligence’s ability to regulate its life processes, and it obstructs the body’s innate directive to heal itself. Our human genome expressions are based on natural substances (herbs, foods, minerals, vitamins, nutriments, venoms, etc.) from the natural order rather than synthetic order. Just think back to our hunter/gatherer roots. The human body built its genetic library on the natural order. The industrial revolution is the tipping point that brought forth the man-made, processed synthetic order with its associated benefits and detriments hand-in-hand.

Genome Disappointment #3: Health Is Not All About Genetics. For decades, the Central Dogma in medicine has been that your DNA is transcribed into the proteins that govern your life and that once that process gets started, it is irreversible. This errant view is predicated on the simplistic concept that once your genes are damaged or decide to express a disease, then the transcription of that information dooms you to that disease forever and you are a victim who holds the short end of the stick. Big Pharma steps in to sell you a drug for hundreds of dollars a day, that suppresses the overt symptoms and is guaranteed to never cure you, but is guaranteed to create side effects and other diseases if you take it, and while doing so bankrupt the global economy by shifting wealth from the people to legalized drug cartels.

This errant Central Dogma interpretation by Medicine is something that can destroy the patient’s life by victimization known as the “disease of the diagnosis” when the doctors states: “You have a disease. There is no known cause, and no known cure.” Such a statement is contrary to the most elemental understanding of health and basic body processes. It is an expression of complete ignorance about how the body works and can cure itself. It stems from the
sorely limited Newtonian—completely mechanical—view of the body being a machine with the errant premise that all people emerge from the same test-tube. It ignores the quantum physics success stories of how natural therapeutic practices – acupuncture, herbology, homeo-pathy, energy work, and nutrition – serve humanity, and have more to offer for health and healing than any drug-based, symptom-suppressive model of mechanical tampering.

My Karma Ran Over Your Dogma. Thankfully, that dogma is shattered with the new understanding that environment, including diet and nurture, thoughts and emotions, radiations (ionizing and nonionizing) greatly influence how DNA is transcribed and implemented. The budding science of Epigenetics dispels the ignorance of errant Central Dogma interpretation, so Science is stating, loud and clear, what natural health practitioners have been saying for decades:

  • Just because your parents had a disease, it does not mean
    that you have to do likewise
  • If you don’t like the output, change the input
  • Thoughts, feelings, and beliefs predispose how our
    biology works
  • Foods, plants, and herbs provide input to our genome
    about how and what to express regarding health
  • People are NOT victims of the disease, but participants in
    the process
  • Environment is a major player in our health – toxins
    cause disease, detoxification eases the burden
  • Cell membranes have “consciousness”
  • Your body can heal itself.

Now Science understands that our genes only slightly influence our health outcomes. In Natural Medicine we call this “predispositions” and “miasms.” This refers to chromosomal expression changes due to acquired pathogens such as gonorrhea, syphilis, tuberculosis, rabies, as well as cancer and environmental factors.

Those and other pathogens/environmental factors can be passed forward to adversely affect future generations’ health by making them more susceptible to expressing diseases from their genetic codes. It could well come to pass that Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s concept of “miasms” or “taints” are simply the altering of optimal genetic expressions via altered histone and methylation processes. We’ll talk about this a little more in this discourse.

We do understand that it’s harder for the body to heal itself once genetic switches are thrown (but not impossible!) Yet, known, but unrecognized, factors are quite weighty in influencing health outcomes. These factors are diet/nutrition, plants/herbs, stress relief, environment, thoughts/emotions or what has been known for 90 years as the unfairly ridiculed “holistic model.”

Unfortunately since it’s discovery, the Central Dogma has been erroneously interpreted by Modern Medicine to emphatically state, “Once an autoimmune disease gets turned on, there is nothing that can turn if off.” Such an
interpretation inadvertently insults the body’s Innate Intelligence, and invalidates all the many (thousands) of people who have reversed autoimmune diseases. It’s not that the dogma is wrong, it’s that the body has other mechanisms that govern health and healing other than a Newtonian interpretation of Central Dogma. One such mechanism the, Innate Intelligence, has a very powerful say or choice over what information is replicated. If the choice changes, then the outcome changes. So there is always a “plus” element in life. Not just for “miracles,” but for quantum changes based on resonance.

The Central Dogma has struggled for many years to hold its validity. It keeps proclaiming that the DNA and parents pass to their children is “all set.” If the genes you inherited are prone to cancer, then you will have cancer. If not, then you won’t. But such over-simplistic concepts have never been satisfactory in light of identical twins who have the same genes, but one gets cancer and the other one doesn’t.

The Innate Intelligence operates according to laws and processes as well. These are called the Natural Laws of Health. Here we find that Love is a healing influence. Belief is a power that affects health outcomes. Thoughts and attitude govern the rate that the body can change. Peaceful surroundings cause an infant’s brain to develop centers of higher learning—art, math, music, etc. Fearful surroundings cause the infant’s brain to develop its reptilian
survival modalities. Physical touch (licking) by the momma mouse allows neonatal mice to thrive; failure of the mother to lick results in stunted development, even death.

If the body is only viewed in the Newtonian- Western Medicine model of being a complex machine that functions solely on molecular cause-and-effects (action/reaction gear work), then interpreting the Central Dogma to say, “You are doomed once you develop an autoimmune disease and there is no cure possible,” holds credence in that limited perspective.

But the Newtonian Physics model is not the only model that operates the human body. In fact is the least important influence because it only governs the mechanical, molecular processes, but does not account for paranormal processes, feelings (forgiveness), thoughts, gut instinct, religious experiences (Newtonians have tried to associate prayer with the neurotransmitter, dopamine, but can’t account for why that can be curative), and so forth.

Another model is found in the principles of Quantum Physics. Here is where Science respects “The Body Electric” and how the body responds to invisible energy fields. In the Quantum model we find particle and wave interactions of energy and matter. Electrons can be in more than one place at the same time. Here we find validity for acupuncture, homeopathy, and systemic herbology. Cells have “antennae” that receive messages from the etheric environment, and even miniscule resonances can have a profound effect on what occurs within the cells and cell nuclei. Here, “Energy is Everything!”

We might say, “Garbage in, garbage out,” and even better, we might say, “Healthy-vital information in, healthy-vital information out.” Not only is this a case in point for “attitude is everything,” it’s a case in point that allows
changes in gene expression based on energy frequencies. It certainly means that nutrition impacts the cells to elicit healthy gene expression via the Newtonian principles, but even small amounts of nutrition can “turn on health” in more cells than there are molecules – a salute to Quantum Physics where the cells work together as a team without molecular messages shared.

Variables In Genetic Expression. Within the cell’s DNA are factors that “stack the genetic deck” and thus help determine what genes are expressed. One factor is methyl molecules that silence chromosomes by attaching to them. When this occurs, the cellular “Xerox” copy machine (transcription process governed by the Central Dogma) can’t see that information and so it is not expressed. Methyl molecules silence disease process expressions and can be supported nutritionally with the Systemic Formulas MoRS (Methyl Donors) formula. [See Research Report Methylation: The Molecule That Unlocks The Body’s Healing Response at

Another factor that exerts control over gene transcription are eight alkaline proteins called “histones” which are responsible to fold DNA. Histones are the forks that twirl up the entire bowl of spaghetti, they twirl the DNA into a compact space. The DNA in a cell, if unraveled would stretch out 10 feet, so it’s a lot to manage. Histones fold it up so it fits in the microscopic cell nucleus. If histones fold it a certain way, then the most accessible information to transcription is health-building sequences. If the folding gets jumbled up, then the most accessible information can be confusion or disease-expressive sequences.

So now we have two variables that influence what the Central Dogma expresses within the scope of its dogma. But what influences methyl molecules and histones to regulate genetic expression? It’s a combination of Newtonian and Quantum mechanics found in “epigenics” – the budding science that studies what causes genetic expressions that change (not irreversible!) without the need for a genetic mutation or overt change in the DNA gene sequences.

Epigenetics introduces a wild card factor into the genetic expression equation because science is finding that many internal and external influences impact epigenetic expression. Sure, transcription can be labeled as a “one-way street” but epigenetics determines what one-way street is driven and what is delivered from that one-way street.
Thus, thoughts, feelings, attitudes, electromagnetic frequencies, nano-molecules, heavy metals, pesticides, foods, plants, and herbs all can instruct the epigenetics about what to express. So out of epigenetics comes the proof that whole foods from Nature including herbs are the human being’s true medicine. (Just had to repete because here is the validity of herbology, acupuncture and homeopathy!)

Weston Price and Francis Pottenger: Disproved the Central Dogma in 1936

“Humanity has suffered beyond comprehension from Big Pharma & Medicine’s failure to align with Truth of the holistic model.”

For most scientists taught to believe in the fallacy that DNA is predestined destiny, the discovery that plants and foods alter genetic expression and thus health of our grandchildren is an eye opener.

Dr. Francis Pottenger, Jr., conducted a nutritional experiment on successive generations of cats that proved an irrefutable link between nutrition and epigenetic inheritance. In his milestone study, he fed one group of cats—along
with their progeny—an unnatural diet of cooked meat and milk. He fed another group their natural diet—raw meat and raw milk. The results were spectacular. While the raw-food cats remained in perfect health through generations, the cooked-food cats experienced progressive debilitation “including bone malformations, disease, and mental deterioration.” By the third generation in cats became disease-ridden and sterile.

Dr. Weston Price traveled the world to find indigenous populations in the process of switching from their traditional whole-food diet to one of modern, processed foods such as refined flour and sugar.

Though ailments such as cancer, diabetes, and other “diseases of civilization” were previously unknown in these cultures, they soon appeared after the adoption of processed foods. People who made the switch began giving birth to children with greater tendency to physical defects (documented in their teeth and dental arches) and mental disorders—just like the offspring of Pottenger’s cooked-food cats.

The message was clear: altered food molecules are an inheritable disease. Now we know why. Processed foods—devitalized and deficient in essential nutrients—alter epigenetic expression. By eating defective food, we are introducing viruses into our genetic software. And that’s before the insidious altering of food genetics to make them pesticide ready!

Food = Genetic Destiny. “Foods, especially herbs, bioenergetically communicate with our genes to
repair and maintain tissue integrity.”- A.S. “Doc” Wheelwright, 1986

The Price-Pottenger research findings are paradigm shifting. If people continue to eat processed foods, they also compromise the health of their descendants. Such activity fits the definition of a crime against humanity. Further, if successive generations also continue eating denatured, man-altered foods, and are lacking in the vegetative genomic influences, then they would compound the problem until one day, like Pottenger’s cats, the human species might become so sick and malnourished that it can no longer reproduce itself. By the way, infertility is an alarmingly growing concern in the 21st Century. (1 in 6 couples have difficulty.)

With processed foods dominating the human diet for multiple generations, some people are on the fourth and fifth generation of their own version of the Pottenger Cat Experiment. As Price/Pottenger stated, and as Wheelwright foreshadowed, our diseases and miseries are rampant in the 21st Century. Children are born with increasing rates of defects and degenerative illness. Where are the diseases? In the damaged mitochondrial and nuclear genetics, and the epigenetic expressions of genetic information.

But it’s not too late. We can still reverse this catastrophic trend if we eat the Pro-Vita! way established by
Doc Wheelwright to provide the body the most complete and comprehensive whole-nutrient intake possible. [The Pro-Vita! is available at ]

Doc Wheelwright predicted that humanity’s impoverished nutrition could push the species beyond the point of no return. He taught that everyone must have a garden if they want to express optimal health and created the “Food Factory” so people could grow food anywhere.

Epigenetics is promising to be the death knell for the faulty Central Dogma interpretations that have doomed people into believing an entire litany of fallacies that Science, Big Pharma, and Medicine have promulgated to Big Pharma’s benefit. Here’s a few fallacies. See you’ve been mislead into believing any of the statements, and if you have, then endeavor to eradicate them by reading and understanding this Report because what you believe has a powerful influence over what your manifest into your life.

• Fallacy #1: “If your parents have a disease, then you will get it too.” Translation: “You are doomed to get breast cancer, so let’s do a mastectomy now before you get into trouble. I mean, you’re already 18 years old. The time bomb is ticking.”

• Fallacy #2: “There’s no known cause to this chronic disease.” Translation: “Of course there is a clear cause to this disease—just look at the 40,000 studies on pesticides and heavy metals—but Big Pharma hasn’t developed a drug yet, so there’s not a proven cause.”

• Fallacy #3: “There is no known cure for this disease.” Translation, “Big Pharma has not developed a toxic, $300/day drug that effectively suppresses the symptoms (but won’t correct the cause).”

Now, having covered a small but key facet of science history, let’s address the reversal of autoimmune diseases. Here we have a push-pull situation.

Autoimmunity. The “push” toward the disease is all the factors that damage DNA and detrimentally
impact epigenetic expression. Negative thoughts; limiting beliefs; environmental toxins (pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals; denatured diet, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, electromagnetic emanations); suppressive drugs; genetically modified food; lack of nurture; and lack of varied plant material in the diet are chief factors that present instructions to the epigenetic processes.

The “pull” away from disease is all the factors that positively influence the body to express optimal health. Examples: the Innate Intelligence, whole organic foods, raw organic foods, love, laughter, joy, positive thoughts and beliefs, prayer, exercise, detoxification, and the nutriments and remedies from knowledgeable natural health practitioners.

Because of pioneering metabolomics researchers who specialize in combining nutritional factors with herbal “genome activators,” natural health practitioners have quick access to cutting-edge formulas that provide a decisive edge for people to “pull” out of disease expressions – ones that help the body make powerful changes at the cellular, epigenetic level.

Autoimmune Diseases Start In The Intestines. Further autoimmune diseases most often start in the
intestinal lining. The cytokines (cell signaling, immune-modulating molecules) released by distressed enterocytes can cause the immune system to get riled up all over the body with the results that the immune system starts attacking other cells (which are probably also experiencing damage and inflammation due to environmental toxins), and this is the process of “self-attack” or hyper-immunity, autoimmune diseases and neurodegenerative diseases.

When the body was developing before birth, two nervous systems were created out of the same tissue: 1) the brain/central nervous system, and 2) the enteric nervous system. These two systems are connected via the vagus nerve (the 10th cranial nerve) and influence each other. This is how stress and worry interfere with digestion, and how digestive upsets can affect mood and hormones throughout the body.

The enteric nervous system (the “second” brain), communicates with the “first” brain, (the cranial brain between your ears) as well as practically every other organ and gland in the body. It carries bioenergetic and biochemical messages from the probiotics, fibers, herbs and plants that you consume about how to regulate and elicit optimal health throughout the body including mental, emotional, and physical health.

Our inner faculty that oversees all this body and genetic regulatory activity is called the “Innate Intelligence.” We know that the body’s Innate Intelligence functions under the prime directive: adapt and survive. Thus the Innate Intelligence is intimately associated with our survival mechanism—not just the fight-or-flight response, but our bodies’ abilities to use fever to kill pathogens, vomiting to expel poisons, diarrhea to eliminate pathogens, lacrimation to cleanse the eyes, and coughing to expel inflammation causing organisms and molecules from our lungs. We discuss this more in the Report on “Leaky Gut Syndrome” and how, in the fundamentals of digestion, lies a primary cause of all diseases, and why Doc Wheelwright often said, “Diseases start on your plate.”

Summary. Time Magazine (Jan 2010) presented some of the first public information on epigenetics in the report, “Why Your DNA Isn’t Your Destiny. The new science of epigenetics reveals how the choices you make can change your genes—and those of your kids.

Science is slowly catching up to what the great natural health experts have extolled for the past 75 years—food (including herbs) is your medicine. Now in the 21st Century, we need both organic food and nutritional/herbal
therapeutics to help reverse the headlong trend of chronic degenerative and autoimmune diseases that stem from human epigenetics responding to the environmental toxins, altered foods, and lack of proper nutrition to support health. As for DNA damage? The body can correct that as well because it has enzyme mechanisms in place that protect telomeres (ends of DNA chains that prevent them from unraveling, thus protecting their integrity) and repair chromosomal damage. As with epigenetics, it’s the whole, organic foods and pesticide-free herbs that facilitate the body’s self-regulatory marvels. Best Wishes in your health endeavors!

Radiant Skin with LED Lights

Therapeutic, clinically-vetted LED lights are not only good for pain and inflammation (I’ve shared on them related to recovery from brain injuries), they are also INCREDIBLY helpful in the care of the skin.  From acne to scar repair, from wrinkles to collagen production and support of sun-damaged skin, LED lights are a safe, effective, non-invasive therapy for incredibly healthy skin.  But don’t take my word for it–let’s look at a few of the studies!

The light system I work with has 3 wave lengths represented–blue to the upper epidermis, red to the deeper dermis, and near infrared to the subcutaneous layer.

Sun Damage, Wrinkles and LED–Light to Repair Light Damage!

It’s rare to meet someone who hasn’t experienced a significant sunburn at sometime in their lives–sun damage to the skin is a very present and real scenario.  I am the first to extol the virtues of getting safe exposure to the sun for all the health benefits (and so is my compadre in health, Dr. Jack Tips), but too much of anything is just TOO much–sun exposure included.  Wrinkles from the degradation of subcutaneous collagen structures with this excessive exposure have been shown to respond very well to the use of red LED lights and near infrared spectral light.  In one study, 22 subjects received this therapy twice a week for 4 weeks–and at the end of the treatment period, there was a 74% report of reduction in wrinkles maintained at the 8-week mark after therapy!  The results were both immediate and long-lasting from this comfortable, safe procedure.

In another study, 31 subjects reported similar results related to resolution of wrinkles, both in the short-term and beyond the treatment period of 9 sessions.  At the end of the treatment cycle, 81% of subjects reported significant improvement in the wrinkles around the eyes, an especially delicate area because of the thinner skin and the influence of facial movement.

Near infrared and red LED lights in the acrylic frame, making treatment of the face and neck comfortable and easy.

Tighten and Tone the Neck Skin with LEDs

One place where people notice significant signs related to aging is the neck–and the therapeutic LEDs and near infrared have shown great benefit in the healthy support of these tissues.  It is thought that because of an increasing in nitric oxide release in the areas treated, as well as enhanced flow through the lymphatics and increased cellular metabolism, circulation to the areas treated with the lights is enhanced.  Here are photos of a practitioner who used the the lights at her throat, over a series of 6 weeks of treatment:

Acne and LEDs–Using Light to Heal from Infection in the Skin

The use of blue LED light therapy has been shown to have very positive impact on the presentation of acne.  In one study of 21 participants over an 8-week period of daily, self-administered treatment,  the rate of expression of acne lesions, as well as blackheads, whiteheads and other acne presentations were significantly reduced as early as 7 days into treatment, and continued to improve throughout the study period.  Participants found the treatment easy to administer and effective.  How wonderful is that??

Lights for Every Home!

Isn’t it amazing the effects of these simple, safe and potent treatments?  As you might have noticed, the studies show participants using the lights somewhat regularly.  Given that LED cosmetic light treatments with a practitioner generally begin in the $100/session range, the financial advantages of having your own unit are quickly realized–as well as the fact that the unit can be used for pains, injuries or other wellness concerns.  If you’d like to learn more about the FDA-cleared units I share with patients, feel free to send me an email so we can discern the right configuration for your needs.


InLight Wellness product training materials

Are Metals in Food Harming Your Child’s Chance At Life? by WellnessWiz Jack Tips

Is your child becoming more unruly and uncooperative? You know, more like the neighbor’s children? Heavy Metals (lead, mercury, cadmium, aluminum) and other contaminants such as pesticides (from commercially produced food) and drug hormones (from municipal tap water) in your child’s food could be adding up and contributing to aggressive or anti-social behavior, according to Neil Ward, professor of chemistry at the University of Surrey in the UK, and a world-leading researcher.

While one bite of food does not have a high amount, heavy metals can accumulate in your child’s brain causing inflammatory reactions that disrupt proper emotional responses and hormonal balance.

Toxins in food are cellular disruptors because they inflame the cell membranes, block the absorption of nutrients that make energy, stop hormone messengers from docking, c, and activate the immune system when it does not have a pathogen to fight. This is dangerous to everyone, but especially dangerous to children, according to Researcher Neil Ward.

Ward states that lead acts as an “anti-nutrient,” that hinders the utilization of magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B1. High lead levels are linked to low intelligence, inappropriate school behaviors, juvenile delinquency and violent behavior. Aluminum has also been linked to anti-social behavior.”

Each child has a different threshold where heavy metal exposure tips them into aberrant behaviors such as tantrums, attention deficit, hyperactivity, violence, and even autism-spectrum concerns. Some children are more resistant than others due to their body’s nutrition and genetics. But when the tipping point is reached, developmental damage occurs and lives are ruined.

Why Are Heavy Metals In The Human Food Supply?

Contaminants (metals, pesticides) and dangerous prescription drugs are getting into our food from the air (air pollution, car exhaust) and from water (agricultural irrigation from polluted rivers and pesticide use). Toxic food dyes spoilage resistant chemicals (preservatives), waxes, varnishes, and pesticides are often added to foods during processing. These neurotoxic chemicals all start adding up to altered behaviors in susceptible children.

The Toxic Big Three:

1. Mercury (Hg): Unlike the mercury used in glass thermometers, methylmercury, a deadly, cell-mutating form of mercury from industrial uses, has polluted the Earth’s oceans top to bottom, and comes back into the human body by eating fish or breathing the air near coastal areas where the waves churn on the beach. Mercury is a huge health risk, pregnant and nursing women, or women who may become pregnant, as mercury can harm a developing child. Today, children are being born with poisonous mercury in their brains and the amount directly correlates to the amount of “silver amalgam (aka mercury) filling in the mother’s mouth coupled with the amount of mercury-accumulated fish. One study found brain and personality disorders in children who had higher levels of mercury in their umbilical cord blood sample, including deficiencies in: motor function, language skills, memory, ability to apply their attention, and visual processes. Mercury levels have been found to be in high-fructose corn syrup – a sweetener used in many children’s beverages and snacks that is now directly linked to the rising incidence of childhood diabetes.

2. Cadmium (Cd): Linked directly to cancer, cadmium damages cellular genetics and causes inflammation which, according to Time Magazine, 2/2004, is the silent killer behind many chronic degenerative and auto-immune diseases. Cadmium accumulates in the body and can stay there forever unless detoxification agents (nutritional therapeutics) are used to purify the body. Cadmium accumulates in the bones (along with lead), kidneys, and liver where it impairs the body’s detoxification efforts. In children, cadmium causes cancer, brain damage, incompetent immune systems, behavioral problems, and learning disabilities.

90% of children’s exposure to cadmium comes from food, according to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. Low levels are dangerous, and low levels are now found in all commercially grown foods.

3. Lead: Lead is a powerful, deadly toxin that can affect nearly every system in a child’s body. Ever since lead was used in paint that children would peel and eat, we’ve seen the horrendous effects of lead poisoning—apathy, violent crimes, antisocial behavior.

50% of the children in the USA between the ages of 1 and 5 have blood lead levels greater than the government-allowed level of 10 mcg per dl of blood, according to the U.S. Center For Disease Control.

Children are exposed to lead most commonly through lead-based paint and lead-contaminated dust in old buildings, however another alarming avenue of exposure is food and drinks stored in lead crystal or lead-glazed pottery, and contaminated drinking water. Lead from car exhaust, before it was outlawed and cadmium used as a gasoline additive, has settled from the air onto the Earth and is being recycle through crops that end up on the plate.

Even with new laws reducing lead exposure from the seam in canned goods, the plastic liners have a neurotoxic chemical called bisphenol-a that is a flagrant hormone disruptor that mimics estrogen and thus interferes with both male and female hormone balance.

What Can You Do To Keep Dangerous Heavy Metals Out of Your And Your Child’s Life?

Eat, and have your children eat, a healthy diet. This means shopping at health food stores and farmers’ markets here organic, transitional organic, and non-pesticided, non-chemical fertilizer foods can be obtained. Organic foods can be purchased on line and shipped to your door.

People with diets rich in organic vegetables and fruit provide their bodies with the nutrients that help the body detoxify heavy metals. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has found that children who eat wholesome, basic foods absorb less lead from the environment. A new company, The Green Polka Dot Box, ships organic foods to your door at a cost-savings of apx. 30% or more with free shipping.

A recent study found mercury in nine out of 20 samples of commercial high fructose corn syrup. But the dangers don’t stop, as it’s associated with diabetes, obesity, and inflammation. Now that 85% of commercially raised is enetically modified (GM) scientists are concerned about the corn’s molecules damaging cellular DNA. High fructose corn syrup is used in children’s fruit drink beverages, cereals, and foods.

Wash your produce before preparing it for the table. In the book, The Pro-Vita! Plan For Optimal Nutrition, the Dr. Hazel Parcells’ recipe for cleansing food and drawing out heavy metals is helping people lower their intake of heavy metals.

Avoid using commercial breakfast cereals which are little more than starch, sugar, synthetic vitamins, and  preservatives. And now feature genetically modified grains. Make delicious smoothies with organic fruit; pure water; and non-GM, non-soy protein; and organic vegetable greens. Organic almond milk makes a tasty base for smoothies.

Future parents, both moms and pops, should do a nutrition/herbal based detoxification program before conceiving to give their baby the best start on life possible. Such a program is available at

Knowing that it’s impossible to avoid all health-damaging heavy metals in food, learn to minimize your and your child’s exposure to the worst. Know the “dirty dozen” foods that have massive pesticides – commercially produced apples, celery, strawberries, peaches, spinach, nectarines, grapes, bell peppers, potatoes, blueberries, lettuce, kale/collard greens. Always buy the Dirty Dozen as organic or do not buy them at all.

Worried if your body is approaching the disease threshold of retaining toxic pesticides and heavy metals, good advice is to do an annual purification program. But caution please, such programs must be done correctly. Dr. Jack Tips (N.D., Ph.D) pioneers the concept “Detox Done Right” and stresses the importance of first building the liver, then cleansing the body, providing draining and neuroendocrine support, and then cleansing inside your cells with cellular nutrition that boosts the cell’s detoxifier and anti-oxidant called glutathione—the most protective and effective antioxidant for the brain, liver and every cell.

In this toxic world, we must all be ever-vigilant about environmental pollutants and toxins. Our children’s future depends up it. Make your vote for a cleaner world by supporting organizations that alert lawmakers and the media to potential and existing dangers of heavy metals. Together we can leave a legacy of health to future generations.

Amy’s Corner: Sourdough English Muffins


Sourdough Starter*: ½ C.
Flour (Wheat or Spelt): 2 C.
Raw Milk: 1 C.
Honey: 1 Tbl.
Sea Salt: 1 tsp.
Baking Soda: 1 tsp.
Cornmeal: As Needed


  1. In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the milk, starter and honey until combined.
  2. Stir in the flour until completely combined.
  3. Cover the bowl.
  4. Set aside the dough for 12-18 hours.
  5. After dough has soaked for 12-18 hours, sprinkle the salt and baking soda over the dough and mix in by hand until completely combined.
  6. Knead the dough in the bowl for 2-4 minutes by hand, or until the dough is smooth, wetting down hands as necessary to prevent the dough from sticking.
  7. Lightly dust a cookie sheet with cornmeal and set aside nearby.
  8. Lightly dust the counter with cornmeal.
  9. Place the dough onto the cornmeal and press down gently with your hands to a thickness of approximately 3/4”.
  10. Cut into roughly 3” rounds using a biscuit ring or a floured drinking glass, being sure to press straight down when cutting the dough.  Twisting the cutter will prevent the muffins from rising correctly.
  11. As the rounds are cur, place them onto the cookie sheet, spacing at least 2” apart.
  12. Collect the dough scraps and press back into a cohesive mass, patting down to a thickness of ¾” again.
  13. Repeat the cutting process once more.
  14. Cover the rounds with a towel and allow to rise at room temperature for 1 hour.
  15. While muffins are rising, preheat griddle or pans over medium-low heat for 5-10 minutes, or until evenly and completely heated.
  16. Gently place the muffins in the pans,being sure not to crowd.
  17. Cook the muffins for approximately 5 minutes on each side, or until cooked through.  There should be no raw dough visible on the sides.

*I use fresh water kefir as a sourdough starter, while Amy maintains a traditional sourdough starter–your choice :-)–Sarica

Amy’s Corner: Water Kefir Gelatin


Water Kefir*: 1 Qt.
Gelatin**: 1 ½ Tbl.
Sucanat: 2 Tbl.


  1. Measure ½ cup of water kefir into a small saucepot.
  2. Pour the remaining water kefir into a glass baking dish.
  3. Sprinkle the gelatin over the water kefir and allow to sit for 5-10 minutes to allow gelatin to bloom.
  4. Once the gelatin has bloomed, add the sucanat to the mixture and place the mixture over medium-low heat.
  5. Heat the mixture, stirring constantly, just until the gelatin and sucanat have dissolved.
  6. Once the gelatin and sucanat have dissolved, whisk the mixture into the reserved water kefir.
  7. Once completely combined, refrigerate at least 4 hours to set.

*Use a flavored second ferment for this recipe. The version pictured was made with a cherry/elderberry flavor.
**Use a high quality grass-fed gelatin, such as Great Lakes brand.

Secret Batteries In Your Body by WellnessWiz Jack Tips

“Energy is everything!” so the cliché goes, and in fact, that’s a powerfully true statement from many varied perspectives. Today, most people know that the organelles called mitochondria make a chemical energy called ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) which is the body’s gold coin necessary for practically every life process. So, here’s a new one that’s a secret.

Every cell is a battery – not just because of the mitochondria or ATP, but because of photosynthesis.

“Wait just a doggone minute,” you might think if you were paying attention in biology class and the teacher was talking about eukarotic (human and plant cell) and prokaryotic (bacteria) cells and how plants make energy from the sun via photosynthesis and how chlorophyll is only one molecule different than blood, and …
Hey, wake up … you’re drifting off!

When light—such as sunlight, LED, and laser—strikes water in your cells, it polarizes the water into positively and negatively charged areas. This is what happens to plant cells when sunlight hits the leaves and photosynthesis begins. The same is true for human cells (except we don’t go down the photosynthesis road, despite a proclivity toward vegetative states. Such water in the cells is called structured water and it behaves differently than unstructured water, e.g. tap water.

The cells membranes, made of lipids (fat), are comprised of a hydrophobic and a hydrophilic side. [You are getting sleepy!] This means that one side hates water (and even has a repulsing phobia about it), and the other side loves water (and writes poems in praise of H20 in hopes that it can flower into H3O2 which is alkaline and structured).

When you take a sun-bath, the near-infrared sunrays act on the water in your cells and around your cell membranes and structures it, e.g. enlivens it and adds a sparkle. This is part of the basis for becoming energized by a little sunlight as well as for the healing impact of light therapies.

As the water in the cells becomes structured by light, the negative pole will gravitate to the cell membrane’s hydrophilic side and serve as an energy generator.

Need more energy? That’s like asking if you could use more money to good effect. Since energy is everything, here’s a way to boost your everything now that spring has sprung.

Catch some rays. A good time is around 10:00a or 4:00p for 5-10 minutes on a side (don’t burn the buns!) It’s free. It’s easy. It boosts Vitamin D3 and cholesterol sulfate (a very, very good form of cholesterol!)

Charge up your cellular batteries and dazzle people with you charismatic personality! Since energy is everything, “Energy is life!”

Create Your Own Skincare

I’m excited to share some insights from one of the most dedicated, intelligent and loving people I know, who also happens to be an expert on skin health using natural means–Rachael Pontillo of Create Your Skincare. Rachael is about to roll out the latest version of her personalized, in-depth teaching around creating your own, healthy skin care (isn’t that just the best??) Watch the great talk below on what you need to steer clear of in commercial skin care lines—and how you can learn from Rachael PERSONALLY!

Amy’s Corner: Soaked Bran Muffins

Yield: 1 doz.


Wheat Bran*:  1 ½ C.
Flour**:  1 C.
Water Kefir:  1 C.
Raw Milk:  ⅓ C.
Coconut Oil or Ghee:  ⅓ C.
Sucanat:  ¼ C.
Egg:  1 ea.
Orange:  1 ea.
Baking Powder:  1 ½ tsp.
Baking Soda:  1 ½ tsp.
Sea Salt:  ½ tsp.
Vanilla:  2 tsp.
Cinnamon:  ½ tsp.
Mixed Fruit***:  1 C.


  1. Combine the bran, flour and water kefir in a large mixing bowl.
  2. Cover and set aside for 24 hours at room temperature.
  3. After the mixture has sat for 24 hours, proceed with the recipe.
  4. Juice and zest the orange and add this and the milk to flour mixture.
  5. Melt the ghee/oil.
  6. Combine the butter/oil with the remaining ingredients and stir into the flour mixture until completely combined.
  7. Grease a 12-cup muffin pan and divide the batter evenly.
  8. Place into a preheated 425° oven.
  9. Bake 15-20 minutes, or until the tops of the muffins spring back when lightly touched.
  10. Allow to cool for 10-15 minutes before removing from pan.

*I use the bran that I sift from freshly milled flour
**Any flour (wheat, spelt, emmer, etc.) of your choice may be used
***I use a mix of fresh & dried fruit